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Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative

September 26, 2021

Gigi Gransden, Education Specialist • (361)

The TEKS Resource System is a K-12 TEKS-based curriculum management system built on the most current research-based practices in the field. The primary focus of the system is to support development of a deep understanding of curriculum from which to implement classroom instructional practices to improve student performance. System components include vertical alignment documents, detailed TEKS clarification documents, instructional focus documents, and yearly planning calendars. The user-friendly online curriculum system is comprehensive and customizable for implementation.


The TCMPC provides content and support for an online curriculum management system known as the TEKS Resource System. The content includes curriculum components and sample unit assessment items aligned to the most current versions of the State Board of Education-adopted TEKS for the following subject areas:

  • English Language Arts and Reading
  • Spanish Language Arts and Reading
  • Mathematics • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Spanish translated versions of Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies


Technical Assistance

  • Technical assistance includes unlimited email and phone support in the use of the TCMPC system


Sample Professional Development Opportunities

(Customized PD Available)

  • Planning from the Instructional Focus Document
  • TEKS Resource System Implementation
  • TEKS Resource One-Day Refresher
  • Facilitated Planning
  • Instructional Coaching
  • Specific core content support Free Professional Development for TCMPC LEAs
  • TEKS 101 and Content Overview (offered every August)
  • Content specific workshops on Planning from the IFD (offered on demand)


Additional Tools to Support the TEKS Resource System

1. TEKS Resource Implementation Guide

The tool is designed to support LEA and campus leaders in their efforts to provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum for their students. The guide includes basic information, research data, and steps to follow for a successful implementation. The TEKS Resource Implementation guide is designed to walk the LEA and/or campus instructional leaders through the curriculum implementation process. Based on recent research findings, the process outlined in the guide will support LEAs/campuses in their efforts to improve student success. The guide addresses specific roles and actions for central office, campus, and classroom instructional leaders. For more information visit the website at


TExGuides provide a bridge between curriculum, aligned resources, and instructional planning. TExGuides increase the efficiency and quality of lesson planning for teachers, which directly impact student learning outcomes. This tool is only available to TEKS Resource System LEAs. TExGuides are aligned with the TEKS Resource System curriculum including the scope and sequence of instructional units. Each HyperDoc includes: • Unit overview and key understandings • Unit vocabulary with corresponding activities • Student expectations with aligned engagement activities, sample learning experiences, and formative assessments • Sample unit assessment • Unit resources • Relevant professional development opportunities



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